Thursday, March 8, 2012

Vulnerability:Strength that takes a lot of strength to be possessed

I called my kid bro vulnerable....till d moment i watched this lady justify vulnerability as d need to lead a full fledged life.
I never knew that in many ways i have been vulnerable in my life and have given in.All those things...i xplained to myself with the philosophy that certain things just happen...and came out as a hero...oops...heroine...having excercised the great theory of acceptance.
But now i theory was needed...coz all till date called the destined moments were brought into my life by my vulnerability.The very creative side of me...that cooks things up in no time....dat weaves thousand dreams in thousand mili-seconds s all the result of my vulnerability.However,bad i tried to be calculative while reigning my alwaz went me millions of moments to cherish all my life.
I look back.Whenever i tried not to give in to this she says...i numbed not just one part of in parts all the parts of mine...technically numbing whole of me.
Be it work,lif,love,parenthood...js nethin and evrything...its really tough to be deliberately vulnerable.But once you make it...u realise the inner self is so built that...a deep sense of worthiness surfaces.
Yes...when i get back to time to ponder over these...seemingly senseless things...i figure out that...being vulnerable to my life...i have made it worth living...i have worked hard..even when i was nevr a hard-worker....i have been blind to pave a way to see a better world...I have a deep sense of belongingness...gratitude...i acknowledge dat deep inside is worthy of being made more and more visible...and thats the key to lead a life with no regrets.Probably i have been doing this...nothing being able to figure out d SELF blissful.
Better late than never...i have been able to clear a clutter accumulated in last few have again mustered the guts to trust my vulnerability...and go all out...Really feeling good :)

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