Thursday, June 24, 2010

pissed off..taking dese emotional juggernauts

for past few my earnest efforts wr put into a single js feel buoyant.i long it took me to read btw d lines of a happy n contented life...n figure out d least i cud squeeze out for has been long,i hv been faking myself dat...ds feeling is such a meagre lump i want for myself...n can certainly hav ds vd a little more patience from my part.

2de my heart is plagued whem m concluding...d lump is beyond a price i can afford.firm after so much of relinquish ds desire of mine.

an exacerbating...was it needed for ds realisation to come up???mayb curb a strong...d might needed obviously comes from no less dan such awful events.

trying to say...ds is it...n let it go by.tryin to adapt to feeling heavy...radr accept life d way way it is meant for me...instead of fighting to turn it around d way i want it for dat...dr is no mirror left to get shattered...evry now n den.but certainly heart gets d very thot of the silly things which leave my life devastated.and to my dismay...i m helpless.

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  1. A subtle topic raised....hoping u wil never go thru these juggernauts again...(and working on that too..!!)