Sunday, April 4, 2010

Straight from the heart....

if i sit bak to blog...n try 2 gt settld for 1 particular topic...dn my blog will definitely appear in my list -"10 things 2 do b4 i die".2de perhaps all d planets have aligned in d perfect positions to guide me to a perfect start....leaving behind all my pre-conceived notions about blogging....somehow it occurred to me y do i need to settle for it..n y not try to take a snap shot of the sub-conscious mind which is perpetually teeming with zillions of anticipation,speculation, theorization,rationalization, intuition, idealization, bla, bla n bla :P altough i kno very well...if they are the "golden snitch" dn m nt d i can giv it a shot. and wat maks it mor interesting than quidditch is...there u need focus on smthin u cn c...but here u nid to focus to catch hold of 1 segmnt of the innumerable snitches...n dere it doz nt stop...bcoz here each snitch (thought) has a vry powerful power to drive u wayward in its intense concoction....often u end up wondrin-"whr did i start!!!!!"....whn ppl are busy vd career or if they feel so (lik i do)....dn ds flight vd the sub-conscious mind seems a mere wastage of the time(once gone nevr coms bak). but uknowinly v al tend to gt lost and js cant hlp spendin our precious dats not the point...wat nids to b pondered ovr is...spendin tim in connectin vd the subconscious vill definitly increase the worth of ur being...rit now m tryin to do d sam (as tim n again i nid to bang on my head-"wat ws i supposd to writ" :P) givs u the wonderful feelin of sailin off the hook vd the waves :) .bt yes one thing is for sur...mindset can nevr b ovrlukd..bcoz...incase u r trapped in a negativ one...dn..u vl b drownd simply in d sea of broodin...perishin those vitalities of ur personality which hv surfaced only aftr yrs of true-blue nurturing.dn how to handle the negativ mindset itself...dr must b one and only one thing in d whole universe dat is of d highest priority in ur life...amin nt career n al cn b d silliest thing bt yes priceless...n if u r askd 1 ques "u cn hv 1 thing for urselv n dat vl b d only thing u cn hv"....if u r abl to answer...dn js harp on it...bcoz ds is d goal.n u nid to striv for d rest if its ur share...u'll hav.once u r convincd at ds point...u r in a position to go off the hook again...n speak ur heart to d subconscious mind(the true listener whose listenin empowers u to appreciate and accept even those things dat the conscious mind cannot).life dat had suddenly become ugly seems to blossom again....and feeling of greatfulness overwhelms at this stage..evrything is in its rit wheelin in d sub conscious arena vl atleast giv a chance to cherish doz precious(although vryyyyyyyyyyy small) moments dat may odrwis go unnoticed... :)...wel i suppos al i talk is nt senseless 2 its core ;)


  1. u've finally proved a point....but i m still not whom....:P
    Anyways...a wonderful post,strght from the heart indeed..wonderful analogy...(snitch,harry),beautiful insight,interesting read,nice post to start off...:)

  2. Awesome post...!!!!!!!! goes xactly with the title... No doubt you're the most reasoning speaker of the batch.. n u say "my pre-conceived notions about blogging"... what were u thinkin.. :D
    was completely lost in the small delicacies of life after reading it.. was so interesting that i scolded my frnd for disturbing when i was reading that :D
    My God..!! So nicely done comparison of life n Quidditch.. GREAT is the word for u :)
    Keep blogging... Please..!!!

  3. @lavis:thnku yaar :) loads n loads of thnkus...for appreciatin n realisin d emotions i hd put in2 it :)
    @gadhe:i proved it to u :P m cnfirmin...if u r nt sur(but actly 2 myself :) )