Sunday, April 4, 2010

Growing in Love....

Believe it or nt....ds is too early for me to get bak mayb i nided smthin to vent it out.wel ds ws supposd to cm up at least aftr 2 mor dez...amin on d vry special day 7th April :) dunno...ds naive thought of 7th...drov me...radr my cute li'l heart crazy....n it took d reins of the brain....b4 i cud brain ws gallopin tryin to accomodate the fast,umanageable,never-ending train of thots.all my earnest efforts 2 calm it down went in vein...although mr.trivedi is still hoverin ovr my head-"dare u nt slip undr my nose 2moro" :P i cn hardly do nethin about it...bcoz ds drive is so bewitching dat it has dragged a sloth(at 4 in d mornin,hu odrwis wud hv preferd snorin) straight from d cozy sleep(thnx to my cooler) to sit bak n scribble on d notepad till.....
RELATIONSHIP...m surrounded by many(d gud gracious god :) ).but wats creatin the storm is...y d 1 is so special.y is it diffrnt....letz c if i reach newhr......hw it al starts...amin at ds stag of lif..evrybdy has a blur picture of "d 1" dat picture is result of wat al u cud jot down sensibly,logicly considerin d practicalities(nt considerin d 1s 4 hum its al a jok) tk my words...ds life is so varied n mysterious...dat it vl show u next pag...whn u whr on d supposdly last dat picture is js a frame...n d real 1...u'l c...cudn't hv bn captured vd al its intricacies.its vibrant and at d same time sophisticated to the same degree...dat u'l feel evn a lif-tim is less to unstnd it 2 d finest pixel ;) i really don bliv in match-makin on ds earth s de r al mad in heaven :) n at d rit tim the rit chords r struk ...n evn d most skeptical creatures(lik me) are driven out of deir mind...n ppl say "they fall in luv" here i mean they get int2 a new realtionship....dat is meant for a lifetime :) n maturedness n al doz hi-fi qualities nevr work to decide if the gem u found is real or it js dazzld ur eyes(a fake 1)...its ur "luck".wel i cl myself lucky :)
now gettin into relation is simpl...whn its js a "proposal" or a "yes" implicitly it calls for bestowing ur faith unconditionally on "d 1".it really irritates me whn ppl criticise "luv is blind".bt actly wat i feel is..."d trust in luv is blind"...and its supposed 2 b lik dat.once entrusted d belief in trust has to b so firm that u cn walk as a cas u fall..dn dat ws nt a mistak in ur calculation...dat is smthin evn higher...called "destiny".nobdy's 2 b dese mattrs nevr nid a long contemplation.d instincts r d guide.odrwis u may end up vd a deal(radr big deal :P ).wel my luv lif is guided by d sacred mantra " alwaz let ur luv wander free,if its urs it vl alwaz walk vd u....if d day comes u r alone,dn it ws nevr urs " :)
once caught in ds wonderland...beginnin crowns u d dashin prince or d beautiful dese dez r nt long livd bcoz in d wondrland liv d witches and d monsters...don xpect n existent vamp on ds earth...its the evil in u.relationships are 'givin' till u don its hypocracy to say its possible to liv vd zero point takn...xpectations r de burden only whn d bars r crossd.smtims it happens...knoingly v cross..confusing simpl wants(nt met) to serious obligations or say compulsions...forgettin dat al ds compelling only makes the thread doz d confusion cm...wat i cud mak out is...a big mistak in weighin al d relations on d earth...specially d closest ones...i.e.vd d one...of our parents.v cn burden dm vd endless xpectations ...still miraculously de sim to fill al vd a shower of grace.hw cn u xpect anodr fellow(js anodr 1 lik u) to meet dem.ds realization is must dat...i cn nevr hv a relation vd my companion as i hv vd my i cn strive to hv 1 as my parents have vd each odr :) p'haps dn only i cn liv happily evr aftr s de r...evn in d face of d most furious ordeals.
Only vd ds realization...1 cn think of nt falling in love...radr "GROWING IN LOVE".


  1. First... congrats for 7th april
    Your observation of love is really wonderful.. I dont know why my heart is beating like a drum rite now..
    Happiness can make u shed tears.. n m really vry happy 4 both of u :)
    n also... there are tiny "not so perfect" frnds in the wonderland who are always thr 2 help the prince and the princess..

  2. @swik:for sm1 spcl...hmmmm:)
    @lavi: not so perfect...mayb..but tiny.... certainly not...thnx 4 alwys being by my side bro...:)

  3. m js so happy...b it ritin kpin in mind sm1 special...or convincin anodr 1 special :)

  4. the things that i understood(sort-of) after an hour long discussion wer clear to u right thr and u wer confident enough to paint them down here.. reflects a great writer in you... v all see things but u observe them.. hats off :)

  5. @swik: thanku sooooooooooooooooooooo much... out of words..